How do we work?


Without going into excruciating details, what we at SkyCAM do is take a series of images, each properly exposed for inside, outside, and the mid-range, then blend them together using professional HDR imaging software to produce a perfect interior photography that renders what your eye naturally sees.

Prepare your property

Your property should be prepared prior to the interior photography shooting session as it would be for a new guest arriving: Fresh flowers, dinner table set, breakfast table set outdoor, garden has been cleaned and trimmed of dead leaves, the pool deck is set with lounge chairs and towels, all the lights are on and working including outdoor lights, beds must be prepared as well.

On shooting day

SkyCAM will come early around 7.45AM to start shooting at 8.00AM when the sun is not too strong and the light is good. For some properties and depending on the package you chose, the interior photography session can even start ealier at sunrise, should your property be oriented toward East. The shooting session will end at around 5PM to 7PM depending on the package. Some packages includes sunset and evening pictures.

Professiona Photographer

Post-Processing and delivery

The day after the interior & decor shooting, SkyCAM will process your pictures and prepare the final pictures for your selection. We will have around 50 pictures in Low-Resolution & watermarked, for you to choose from. Depending on the package you chose, you can then select 20 or 30 pictures for final delivery. Once the balance payment is received, we will send you a link to be used to download your pictures in Hi-Resolution.

How does it work?

High Dynamic Range (HDR)...

3 pictures blended together

DSLR for aerial photography

To make the most out of the light we take several pictures at different exposures and we blend them together to make our final picture.

The Equipment...

A sturdy tripod supporting a good camera

Nikon DSLR for Interior Photography

For interior photography, we use a high end Nikon DSLR camera with wide angle lenses.

Featured Service: Interior Photography for Boats

Our Boat photographer is described by Yachting Monthly as "One of the World's Leading Maritime Photographers". He has also been the principal photographer for Princess Yachts International Plc since 1993. He is based in Phuket, Thailand from October to May and can be contacted through SkyCAM. Contact us for more information.

Picture of a yacht in Phang-Nga Bay

Some of our customers

SkyCAM Customers

About us

SkyCAM provides high quality pictures and videos for villas owners, property developers, real estate agents, architects, hotels, etc. We specialize in aerial photography and video productions.

Our services include :

  • Interior & decor photography
  • Aerial photography
  • Video productions
  • Aerial video
  • 3D Logo creation and animation

Created in 2008, in beautiful Phuket, Thailand, SkyCAM has provided developers, architects, villa owners, hotel marketing managers, etc. with thousands of beautiful pictures and videos.

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