How do we work?

Our cameramen are pros

Typically, for a luxury villa, we spend a whole day in the villa with two cameramen and our equipment. From sunrise to sunset. Depending on the packages you choose we can work with models and direct them. For hotels or large resorts, several shooting days might be necessary to produce a professional video. In that case a storyboard is created and approved by the customer prior to shooting.

How to prepare your property for professional video ?

Your property should be prepared prior to professional video shooting as it would be for a new guest arriving: Fresh flowers, dinner table set, breakfast table set outdoor, garden has been cleaned and trimmed of dead leaves, the pool deck is set with lounge chairs and towels, all the lights are on and working including outdoor lights, beds must be prepared as well.

What do we deliver ?

Once the shooting is completed, SkyCAM will start the editing process. This will take several days depending on the project. We will color correct the footage as necessary, and build the story. Once we are satisfied with the first version, we will send it to the customer for comments. These comments will be taken into account to produce a second version of the professional video. Again, we will ask for your feedback and we will then produce the final version. This final version will be delivered in High-Definition, in a web friendly format, in a YouTube friendly format, and in an tablet/phone friendly format.

Professiona Cameraman


As a video production company, SkyCAM is used to work with models. We can source Caucasian or Asian models from various agencies in Phuket. Using models makes your video more alive. We are also working with voice artists in case you want to include some "voice over" to catch the viewer attention even more or give information in the movie that is hard to explain in just images. Here again, SkyCAM is working closely with a professional studio to record the text in the best conditions.

A year of video productions

Demo Reel 2012

Some of our video and photography work

We are used to produce high quality videos for villa owners and resorts.


Graham has years of experience working on TV productions

Graham, cameraman at SkyCAM

... and Equipment.

Ready.... and ACTION!

Graham, cameraman at SkyCAM

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Marc, SkyCAM's founder and director is also an experienced aerial photographer and cameraman with many hours flying in helicopters in and around Phuket. You can also contact him to help you find shooting locations. Contact us for more information.

Picture of a yacht in Phang-Nga Bay

Some of our customers

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About us

SkyCAM provides high quality pictures and videos for villas owners, property developers, real estate agents, architects, hotels, etc. We specialize in aerial photography and video productions.

Our services include :

  • Interior & decor photography
  • Aerial photography
  • Video productions
  • Aerial video
  • 3D Logo creation and animation

Created in 2008, in beautiful Phuket, Thailand, SkyCAM has provided developers, architects, villa owners, hotel marketing managers, etc. with thousands of beautiful pictures and videos.

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